Welcome to my page, I´m so happy to see you

I am Disa, and my mission is to share as much as possible of my knowledge specially when it comes to creativity, recycling, craft and food. I hope you are ready for this journey with me.

Hi I´m so happy to see you here :)

Please click on the video below and let me tell you how I make my fabric hearts.


If you want to start right away but need help with the graphic I made 3 options for you, see below. 




You get

  • Printable graphic with two types of hears
  • Access to a private facebook group. Where I share about craft and recycling.
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Most Popular

Web-book with printable graphic to make all kinds of things such as

  • Hearts from fabric or paper
  • Gift cards
  • Many types of labels 
  • Wrapping paper
  • and more
  • Access to a private facebook group where I share about craft and recycling.
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Skjaldarvik hearts


Limitid time

This offer is only available now for limited time.

You get:

  • 14 types of graphic of quotes to print on a paper or fabric both heart shaped and without heart.
  • Access to a private facebook group where I share about craft and recycling.
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Who is Dísa?

My name is Bryndís Óskarsdóttir but everyone call me Disa. I am a Graphic designer, Food technician, Life coach and Knowledge broker.  Since 2010 I have been in the hospitality business, running a popular guesthouse, riding tours and restaurant  in Iceland. 

Sustainability is my middle name :) and I love to make something beautiful from stuff that others would throw away, I love sharing my knowledge and teach some of the project I have made through the years.

I'm very happy to see you here and I hope I can teach you something.